Weekly Office Cleaning Services

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Weekly Office Cleaning Services

A thorough clean of the office is essential for any responsible Cheltenham-based employer. First of all, the Health and Safety at Work Act compels employers to keep a certain standard of hygiene in the office. More importantly though, going that extra mile to keep the workplace sparkling improves efficiency and allows companies to get more out of their workforce.

Go Further

Go further by opting for a weekly cleaning service. Recent research revealed how the number of bacterial colonies reproducing in the average workplace eclipses the number found in a public bathroom. This startling statistic alone is enough for many people to take action, but here’s how it benefits the business.

A dirty office acts as a distraction. Workers focus on it whether they want to or not. Distractions reduce the level of efficiency as they contribute an unnecessary amount of time to focusing on the grime. In the long-term it leads to a lot of lost hours and in business time is money.

Failing to keep the workplace clean casts a poor image on the company as a whole. A visitor or potential employee viewing the premises will instantly assume the organisation is sloppy and nobody wants to work with someone who has a sloppy attitude.

Weekly Office Cleaning

Intocleaning’s professional Cheltenham cleaners pay great attention to detail with each weekly cleaning job. As soon as the work day ends these cleaners vacuum, wipe, and polish each area of the premises as requested and agreed in the specification. They are specially trained to get into tight corners and enclosed areas which bacteria usually take root in.

A weekly office cleaning also includes the washrooms. After a week of work the bathroom is usually left in a pitiful state, but using the latest in cleaning technology 99.9% of bacteria literally disappears overnight.

Trained Staff

All staff members employed by Intocleaning meet the standards of the professional cleaning industry. Each professional is trained to the highest standards and possess all necessary accreditations. Over the years, the company has cleaned offices belonging to car dealerships, the NHS, and schools.

Tailored Services

Before embarking on a cleaning regime, this company looks at each client individually, because no one office is the same. During a survey of your site our sale executive will investigate the layout of each Cheltenham workplace to improve efficiency, the sort of cleaning approach needed to highlight the best of a room, and the best way to enhance the value for money factor.

Choosing Intocleaning means clients get the most out of their money. These weekly office cleaning packages streamline the cleaning process by kicking out any unnecessary costs and only covering the necessities. Find out more about streamlining the cleaning process today!

A Few Reasons Why Our Clients Use Us…

Police and NHS Accredited

Staff Fully Trained and Vetted

Uniformed Office Cleaning Staff

Your Own Account Manager

Fully Insured With Clean H&S Record

Regular Inspections and Visits

Environmental Options

Washroom Hygiene Services

Janitorial Supplies + Consumables

Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning



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