Monthly Office Cleaning Services

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Monthly Office Cleaning Services

Having an office vacuumed daily is good for cleaning up the dirt everyone can see, but what about the dirt they can’t see? Millions of bacterial organisms exist in the fibres of the carpets and the crevices in the storeroom. Only through a thorough clean of the entire workplace can employers help control bacteria. Understandably, having a gigantic cleaning operation isn’t viable each day or each week, which is why these monthly Cheltenham office cleaning services are perfect.

Staff Sick Days

Staff members fall to illness every so often. Studies have shown the number of days lost to illness in each calendar year increase as the workplace becomes less hygienic. Contrary to popular belief, just because an office looks clean doesn’t mean to say that it is. Simply wiping away dirt with a damp cloth doesn’t successfully eliminate the bad bacteria.

Cheltenham employers need to take advantage of the latest in cleaning technology. Intocleaning staff members use cutting edge products on every trip they make. Some of the initiatives the organisation incorporated into its cleaning services include:

  • Using the latest cleaning products to add a sparkle to the place without creating a slip hazard.
  • Making sure cleaning products and their packaging comes from renewable resources to help the environment. Expert cleaning operatives know how much damage some cleaning products can do to the environment.

Value for Money

Intocleaning is known for its ability to offer value for money to all Cheltenham clients opting for a monthly office cleaning service. The cleaning company constantly looks at its current pricing models and alters them according to the current times and economic conditions. Through a streamlined cleaning system employers definitely get the best deal on their hygiene needs.

A Few Reasons Why Our Clients Use Us…

Police and NHS Accredited

Staff Fully Trained and Vetted

Uniformed Office Cleaning Staff

Your Own Account Manager

Fully Insured With Clean H&S Record

Regular Inspections and Visits

Environmental Options

Washroom Hygiene Services

Janitorial Supplies + Consumables

Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning



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