Daily Office Cleaning Services

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Daily Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning offices out regularly is important. Many employers don’t realise how much dirt and grime comes into their offices on a daily basis. Investing in a daily office cleaning Cheltenham service is essential if the company intends on meeting the highest standards of hygiene. Furthermore, a lack of hygiene eventually comes to impact efficiency, which hits a business financially.

The Importance of a Daily Clean

Cleaning a working environment on a daily basis can give employers a business advantage in the long-term. Here are some of the reasons why not cleaning an office on a daily basis can lead to problems:

•    Bad hygiene allows an untold number of bacteria and viruses into the area. They cling onto surfaces, from toilets to computer keyboards. During the winter months it’s not uncommon for a virus to begin infecting the whole workforce.
•    Low standards of hygiene don’t give Cheltenham organisations a favourable image in the eyes of potential employees and inspectors.
•    A cluttered and dirty office creates distractions. Unfocused workers make more mistakes and perform less efficiently.

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of services to Cheltenham businesses, using the best quality of chemical products available.

For conventional offices, professional cleaners offer the latest in anti-bacterial cleaners and an unmatched attention to detail to get behind desks and into the nooks and crannies. Each member of staff performs their duties with the utmost care as they know about the frustration caused by carelessly knocking out wires and disconnecting electrical systems.

Naturally messy workplaces, such as those inhabited by professional builders and decorators receive the same attention to detail. Not only can clients have their Cheltenham properties and workplaces cleaned, specialist cleaners add sheen to the place. From a kitchen counter surface to the floors, walls and ceilings, these cleaners know exactly what to do.

Fully Qualified

The most important thing about cleaning services is meeting the standards put in place by law. Each professional cleaner knows about the regulations and laws dictating how they and employers work. The Health and Safety at Work Act outlines the hygiene standards within the work place and these experts stick to them religiously. Expect to meet all of these required standards when choosing Intocleaning to spruce up the workplace.

Affordable Deals

The costs of a daily clean can quickly mount up to a major expense for the company. Intocleaning seeks to reduce these prices and offer the best deals to long-term Cheltenham-based customers. Use these services regularly and watch as the costs of cleaning fall dramatically.


A Few Reasons Why Our Clients Use Us…

Police and NHS Accredited

Staff Fully Trained and Vetted

Uniformed Office Cleaning Staff

Your Own Account Manager

Fully Insured With Clean H&S Record

Regular Inspections and Visits

Environmental Options

Washroom Hygiene Services

Janitorial Supplies + Consumables

Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning



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