Commercial Office Cleaning Services

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Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Commercial offices in Cheltenham serve as a major traffic point for all manner of figures. Employers, employees, and clients usually walk through a commercial office at some point. It means they bring in unimaginable numbers of bacteria from the outside. Once bacteria enters an employer’s premises it clings on to anything and everything, before multiplying and creating a colony. It’s scary, but don’t worry because commercial office cleaning services are here to help.

Clientele Benefits

Choosing to invest in a commercial cleaning service gives clients a professional team with years of experience in routing out and destroying bad bacteria rooted in Cheltenham’s commercial environments. They use the best cleaning products on the market to help remove existing bacteria and prevent it from returning.

The main benefit is in the form of hygiene. Only recently have studies revealed the impact of bacteria in the workplace. Many of them conclude public bathrooms have fewer bacteria than a swab taken from a dirty keyboard in an average commercial office. It’s no wonder so many staff members take weeks off each year due to illness. Lost staff members leads to less productivity and less money taken in. A lack of cleanliness potentially costs thousands of pounds each year. Clean it up and gain back the initial investment and then some.

Every employer wants to show off to the world. They want to demonstrate how their company is a model for efficiency and attention to detail.  But when the office is encrusted with grime it’s impossible to assert such an image.  Intocleaning Cheltenham commercial cleaning services don’t just remove visible dirt they make the place sparkle and shine. Now clients don’t have to feel uneasy about showing the company premises to a new client.

Cleaning Everything

When Intocleaning claims to clean everything it isn’t an over-exaggeration. Anywhere where bacteria gathers is a target for this team of professional cleaners. These are just some of the places where large numbers of bacteria make their home:

  • Between the keys of computer keyboards.
  • Behind desks where the electronics reside (the warm environment serves as a perfect breeding ground).
  • The bathrooms of the facility.
  • Under desks where careless employees discard their chewing gum.
  • Office chairs.
  • The corners meeting both the ceilings and floors.

The equipment these professional cleaners use is engineered specifically towards targeting each of these areas. Special dusters and mops climb into tight corners, whereas eco-friendly commercial cleaners seep into the fibres of the carpets and computer chairs. Most Cheltenham employers are simply shocked by the transformation Intocleaning offers.

Acquiring Value

Even though Intocleaning offers such a comprehensive service it doesn’t need to cost the earth. This cleaning company commits itself to offering low prices by streamlining its Cheltenham commercial cleaning process. Clients can expect no unnecessary expensive cleaners and no gimmicks. Results are the heart of the process.

A Few Reasons Why Our Clients Use Us…

Police and NHS Accredited

Staff Fully Trained and Vetted

Uniformed Office Cleaning Staff

Your Own Account Manager

Fully Insured With Clean H&S Record

Regular Inspections and Visits

Environmental Options

Washroom Hygiene Services

Janitorial Supplies + Consumables

Window Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning



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