The Value Of Cleaning In The Workplace

Ever thought concentrating in an untidy work space was strangely more difficult than in a clean environment? Well, you’re not alone, and very real facts and data can measure the value of cleaning in the workplace. Statistically, there is a 2-8% productivity gain in a clean office, which means in a 100-associate office with an average salary of $25,000, this equates to $125,000 worth of savings. Specifically, dust exposure affects workers’ cognitive skills by 2-6%, which has a knock-on effect on their typing, arithmetic, logical, reasoning, memory and creative thinking skills. Clean facilities do not just incur costs, they really do also generate revenue.

Another benefit of keeping the workplace clean is the reduced risk of your employees becoming ill. In a ‘cold-hard-facts’ kind of way, sick employees cost money. On average, each employee takes 7.7 sick days per year, which costs $225.8 billion per annum. We’ve all tried to do work while suffering with a cold or flu, so the fact that one’s overall loss in performance is 3-8% when we’re ill may seem a little understated, what with dry, itchy or watery eyes, dry throats, lethargy, headaches and chest tightness all working against us. The best part is, by maintaining a clean workplace, the probability of catching the common cold or flu is reduced by 80%.

Taking unplanned time off work because of illness causes many workplace problems, in effect there is a 54% decrease in productivity and output and a 39% drop in sales and customer service. So when there are employee absences, it’s not just the missing worker that will cost you, but the effect their absence has on the rest of your workforce is detrimental too. This problem can easily be avoided more often however, because a clean environment reduces absenteeism by 46%.

The most common surfaces in an office that suffer with high levels of contamination are keyboards, desk phones, break room sink faucet handles, microwave door handles, refrigerator door handles, water fountain buttons and vending machine buttons. Some areas on that list are widely known, but for those that you would perhaps not naturally think of, a professional cleaning company will know about them and will target those areas.

Did you know that cleanliness also has an effect on customers as well as workers? No matter what business you run, there is always appreciation from clients when it’s kept clean. In fast-food restaurants, customers would prefer the place to be clean over value for money, speed, convenience and variety. If you want customers to return, the place must be sparkling, as 6 in 10 customers would agree. What about shops? The results were the same, with customers basing their decision on where to shop on cleanliness above lighting, quietness, music, temperature and sales. That’s right, 6 in 10 again said that a shop’s environment persuaded them to purchase more in the last month. As for the toilet facilities, a huge 94% of clientele said they would avoid a business if the restrooms did not reach certain cleanliness standards.

A clean workplace is a prospering business – the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but would you eat it off your office floor?

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