The Cleanest Places On Earth

Cleaning our homes to the standard of being unashamed to invite friends round for dinner may seem like a chore, but could you imagine if you had to keep a place so clean that individual particles could be counted as to not effect scientific research, or having to remove all particles from the air to create a complete vacuum. That weekly dusting doesn’t sound so bad anymore does it?

Here is a list of the five cleanest places on earth, just try not to feel too guilty when looking at your shelves that you swear you only dusted yesterday.

5. Class 1 Cleanroom

So where would you be if you were in an enclosed space which had a controlled level of particles in it? Well, a perfect place to do manufacturing or scientific research I’d say! Any pollutants such as dust, microbes or vapours that could damage the products or affect experiments have been removed, so unsurprisingly, cleanrooms are incredibly clean places.

With only 2.5 particles, larger than 0.5 micrometres each, per cubic metre of air, a Class 1 cleanroom is 14 million times cleaner than a typical urban environment, which harbours a whopping 35 million particles, of 0.5 micrometres each, in the same space.

These airtight rooms are fitted with several air filters and they can only be accessed after completion of a series of decontamination procedures such as airlocks and air showers. When working inside a cleanroom, people must be completely covered in special protective clothing to stop any possible contamination of the area.

4. Vacuum Chamber

As the name suggests, vacuum chambers are an enclosed space from which all the air has been forced out. The chamber can then be used by researchers to perform physical experiments or test mechanical devices without foreign bodies contaminating the results.

An ultra-high vacuum chamber can create an environment one hundred billion times cleaner than the air you are presently breathing in from your surroundings. Did I just see you grab a duster?

3. The Centre of the Earth

Dig through the Earth’s solid crust and keep going, through the liquid outer core and then just a bit further now… There is the centre of the Earth, the solid inner core. Here, the pressure is 3.5 million times stronger than what we feel on the surface. Would you believe that the centre of the earth can reach temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun, over 6000 degrees Celsius. Nothing can survive at that heat, so you’re not going to find a particle of dirt there no matter how hard you look.

2. Fusion Reactor

Heat has been acknowledge as a pretty sure-fire way of keeping a place clean, so a fusion reactor that can produce temperatures exceeding 15 million degrees, 30,000 times hotter than the surface of the sun, will probably be pretty spick and span. Enough said.

1. Large Hadron Collider

Drum roll please! The number one cleanest place on Earth is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and highest-energy particle accelerator. Inside the LHC, the ultra high vacuum creates the emptiest space in our solar system, as empty as interplanetary space in fact, and as a result is obviously the cleanest place on Earth, perhaps even in our galaxy.

Although to achieve super-cleanliness you would have to use extreme heat or create an ultra-vacuum, these methods cannot be recommended as safe or cost affective. Therefore, we propose hiring a professional cleaner if you want to reach an approved level of hygiene in your home.

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