Tackling the Kitchen

The kitchen is often one of the busiest rooms in the home, and with that title also comes a whole lot of mess. We suggest making a checklist of areas before you take on cleaning your kitchen and set aside a good chunk of your day to get it all done.

  • Oven (Overhead Extractor Fan, Hob, Hood etc.)
  • Microwave (inside and out)
  • Freezer (clean and organise)
  • Cupboards (clean and organise)
  • Dishwasher
  • Windows
  • Refrigerator (clean and organise)
  • Sink
  • Walls/Tiled Areas
  • Kitchen Bin
  • Kitchen Floor


Cleaning Your Oven

Everyone’s least favourite job and the one that often gets neglected but it’s relatively straightforward, albeit a little time consuming depending on how dirty it is in the first place.

Always follow the instructions on the heavy-duty degreaser/cleaner of your choice and we recommend wearing gloves. Spray the inside of the oven with your cleaner and apply some elbow grease. Rinse well and dry with a clean cloth.

You can use window cleaner for the hood of the oven if you have one Remove the filter and soak in warm water, you can add a household ammonia to get rid of stubborn cooking odours if you would like to. Rinse and put back once dry.

Cleaning Your Dishwasher

After a while dishwashers can begin to smell stale. Remove any trapped food from the filter. Add a cup of baking powder inside an empty dishwasher and run it through a short cycle to tackle the odour. You can use any household cleaner to wipe down the outside of the dishwasher.

Our Top Kitchen Cleaning Tips

  • Little and often will keep your kitchen cleaner for longer so try to keep on top of spillages, dirty handprints and things like the washing up.
  • Keep a spray bottle filled with water or a diluted ammonia-water solution handy to wipe up grease splatters right away. Grease is much easier to deal with when it’s not dried.
  • Keep you sponges and dishcloths clean or they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. To keep them fresh microwave for 30 seconds or put through the dishwasher every month or so before replacing.

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