Keeping A Pet Friendly Environment Clean

Pets soon become part of the family and can be the best of loyal companions, but that fun can soon run out as all of your possessions begin to be coated in an unhygienic layer of fur.

The way to start tackling the war on fur is by adhering to a regular and proper grooming regime. Use a metal flee comb for cats because it is more hygienic and quicker to use than wooden or soft-bristle brushes. Also, try doing all your grooming outside, because if it’s never inside in the first place you’ll not have the problem of trying to get it all out again.

However, you will never keep all shedding outside, so for those strays, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Don’t bother using those adhesive roller gadgets, they’re a complete waste of time and money. A DIY option that works just as well on clothes, is Sellotape wrapped around your fingers, sticky side out, and pressed against the fabric. Pay particular attention to the bottom of your legs where your furry friends often rub themselves up against.
  • Wear a wet rubber glove and rub your hand over upholstered furniture, getting your fingers into all the nooks and crannies. Then rinse the glove, remembering to scoop the hair out of the drain and put it in the bin afterwards!
  • One vital investment would be a vacuum with a high-grade filter. This will mean the microscopic allergens will remain safely locked inside the machine.

A few rules can make everyone’s lives a lot easier, so make them and stick to them. Keep feeding times regular and clean away the smelly food quickly, so that your pet gets used to eating quickly. Also avoid feeding on carpet and use a tray. Enforce boundaries of where in your house your pet is allowed to go. Although you may love the cuddles, your pet should stay in its own bed, not yours.

When choosing your buddy’s bed, it can be tempting to choose one of those comfy looking quilted fabric pet baskets, but don’t be fooled! They’re a nightmare to clean and a perfect breeding ground for fleas… Wicker is a good choice, as you can wash it down easily. Only hose it down every so often as the wicker can weaken, and try to do it outside on dry, sunny days so that it dries quickly too. For a quick fix, try sprinkling baking soda onto the bed to freshen and it won’t harm your little bundle of fluff either.

An often forgotten way of keeping your home spick and span is spending quality time with your pet. Scratching and chewing happens when an animal is bored. Not keeping your environment clean when keeping feline or canine companions can be detrimental to your family’s health. Allergies and asthma can flare up in fur laden homes, while no one wants the hassle of mites and fleas. Changing the bag of your vacuum should be done with care as adult fleas may be in there.

So happy cleaning and we’re sure these tips will make the extra work for keeping your furry best friend a little easier to bare.

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