How Do I Choose a Cleaning Company?

Need to choose a cleaning company but unsure what you should be looking for? The process can be difficult and time-consuming – but it doesn’t need to be. Here is our guide to help you through the process.

1.Client references/testimonials

There’s no better marketing tool for any company than word of mouth. Ask to speak to a couple of their current clients, preferably ones in the same sector and with the same requirements as you. They will be able to tell you if the service you have been promised is the service you will get.


2. See at least 3 companies

And get like for like quotes from each. This way you will start to build a picture of competitive, local rates that should help you make your decision. Price shouldn’t compromise service but if you can get a great service for less why would you ever pay more? Also check all products are included. You don’t want an extra bill for cleaning products used.


3. Staff Recruitment and Vetting

You will be giving their staff access to your business, sometimes after hours, so it’s important to ask about their recruitment and vetting practices. Are you a school? Check all staff are CRB checked. If they have high staff turnover ask why. The security of your business must come first and any good cleaning company will be happy to answer all your questions.


4. Can they handle customised plans?

Not all businesses have the same cleaning requirements and your cleaning company should be flexible to your needs. Check they can work at a time that suits you and agree tasks up front. High level cleans should also be agreed and plans put in place for daily, weekly. monthly and other periodic cleaning tasks.


5. Go Green

Lots of companies offer green cleaning solutions. There have been big developments in environmentally friendly cleaning in the last decade or so and any contractor should be able to explain their green products and procedures to you. Of course, you may decide it isn’t important to your business right now but there may be a need for green cleaning in the future so it’s worth checking your current providers capability to ‘go green’.


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