Cleaning Office Furniture

We’re spending more and more time at our desks thanks to longer working hours and fewer staff. In fact, many of us practically live in our offices! With this in mind keeping furniture clean and tidy can help keep workers comfortable and your office visitor-friendly.

Whilst everyday wear and tear is to be expected in any busy office environment keeping your furniture in good condition will enhance your company’s reputation and impress visiting clients. No one wants to sit in a dirty armchair with torn fabric or unidentifiable stains and, with these tips for every kind of furniture, they don’t need to.


Because it’s a natural material wood makes for great furniture – the only problem is that it can show signs of wear and tear quite clearly. To keep it looking great all surfaces should be dusted regularly and wood furniture should be waxed or oiled every six months or so. Temperature can also affect how wood furniture looks so try to place items out of direct sunlight.


When dealing with fabric furniture the most common problem are stains. To prevent stains becoming ‘part of the furniture’ it’s important to deal with them immediately and not let them settle. Make sure you have a stain remover handy in the office for accidental spills and a portable vacuum to remove any food crumbs or dust that can build up.


People pay a lot of money for the ‘worn leather’ look and its professional, luxurious look makes it a common choice for offices. It’s also an easy material to clean and maintain – a once-over with a damp cloth once a week will remove any dirt and using a stain resistant protection spray will keep your leather furniture in top condition for longer.


Probably the easiest material to maintain, metal furniture simply needs wiping once a week to keep it looking fresh. Dirt can build up in the corners so these may need some extra attention once in a while.

Following these simple steps means your furniture can look great for years to come. We spend a lot of time in our offices so make it somewhere you and your employees want to be by keeping it clean.

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