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How Often Should You Clean?

Gone are the days when women would stay at home every day keeping the abode clean and tidy while their husband would go out into the world of work. Now, with everybody’s lives becoming more hectic by the day, keeping up with the daily chores can leave you less than house-proud. However, did you know that you don’t have to

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Keeping A Pet Friendly Environment Clean

Pets soon become part of the family and can be the best of loyal companions, but that fun can soon run out as all of your possessions begin to be coated in an unhygienic layer of fur. The way to start tackling the war on fur is by adhering to a regular and proper grooming regime. Use a metal flee

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The Value Of Cleaning In The Workplace

Ever thought concentrating in an untidy work space was strangely more difficult than in a clean environment? Well, you’re not alone, and very real facts and data can measure the value of cleaning in the workplace. Statistically, there is a 2-8% productivity gain in a clean office, which means in a 100-associate office with an average salary of $25,000, this

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The Cleanest Places On Earth

Cleaning our homes to the standard of being unashamed to invite friends round for dinner may seem like a chore, but could you imagine if you had to keep a place so clean that individual particles could be counted as to not effect scientific research, or having to remove all particles from the air to create a complete vacuum. That

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When I’m Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows has to be one of our least favourite jobs. Do it wrong and you can end up with streaky glass that makes you wonder why you bothered in the first place! The good news is you should only need to wash your windows twice a year if you do it right. Washing-up liquid in warm water is perfect

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Tackling the Kitchen

The kitchen is often one of the busiest rooms in the home, and with that title also comes a whole lot of mess. We suggest making a checklist of areas before you take on cleaning your kitchen and set aside a good chunk of your day to get it all done. Oven (Overhead Extractor Fan, Hob, Hood etc.) Microwave (inside

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Getting Pet Stains Out of Carpets

As cute as they are pets can’t half make a mess, especially on carpets and other soft furnishings. You may treat these stains when they happen but, as any owner will tell you, pet odours can linger, even after a decent scrubbing. Whilst big name household cleaners might do the job harsh chemicals and manufactured scents aren’t the only way

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Spring Clean? No it’s Autumn Clean!

We’re all accustomed to the annual Spring Clean but autumn is just as good a time to give everything a once over before Christmas. With bad weather meaning we stay in more during the autumn months what better way to use your time than to deep-clean your home inside and out? Wash all windows – interior and exterior Drain and

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Cleaning Office Furniture

We’re spending more and more time at our desks thanks to longer working hours and fewer staff. In fact, many of us practically live in our offices! With this in mind keeping furniture clean and tidy can help keep workers comfortable and your office visitor-friendly. Whilst everyday wear and tear is to be expected in any busy office environment keeping

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How Do I Choose a Cleaning Company?

Need to choose a cleaning company but unsure what you should be looking for? The process can be difficult and time-consuming – but it doesn’t need to be. Here is our guide to help you through the process. 1.Client references/testimonials There’s no better marketing tool for any company than word of mouth. Ask to speak to a couple of their

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